Over 30 Soccer League

Finally, an age-based division has arrived to the Erie area. The O30 division provides age-based play on a small-sided pitch. The age restriction provides players over the age of 30 to compete and enjoy the games without the worry of whether one is able to “keep up with the college kids”. While the division is categorized as a Men’s division, women over age 30 are also welcome to play. This division plays in a 9v9 format and plays primarily on Friday evenings.

To register as a free agent or team captain, simply click the registration button below.

Over 30 Soccer League playing rules for the Spring/Summer outdoor soccer season.

  • 9v9 format (8 players + goalkeeper). Field of play is 75×45 yards.
  • All players must be over 30 years of age on game day. There are no exceptions to this rule
  • USSF Rules – offsides. Two referee system.
  • Slide tackling player with the ball is not allowed.
  • Substitutions are conducted on the fly, however, field player must be off the field before oncoming player can enter the field of play.
  • All players must register / be registered with the USASA/PA West Adult Division (on-site registration available).