Coed Wednesdays

Wednesday nights in the Erie Bank Sports Dome is a great night for playing coed soccer. Our Wednesday night coed division is designed primarily for older and less experienced players though adult players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate.

This division is recreational and is ideally an entry level to organized soccer or for those who haven’t played in years and want to restart without having to go “full speed”. The ideal player is inexperienced but has at least a basic understanding of the game or has some experience and wants to play for fun, rather than competition. Players who are more skilled in nature that have the mentality of using team play to help elevate the play of others are also welcome in this division. Players and teams in this Division should have the mindset of playing for fun, playing at a low-competition level and with low aggression. Players with the “just win” mindset, or those who are going to challenge the referee’s every call, will not be a good fit in this Division (See Modified Division). This division plays with 3 male & 2 female field players plus a goalkeeper. This division plays on Wednesday evenings at the Family First Sports Park Field House and will have one (1) Referee per game. Referee fees of $12 per game (cash) are to be paid to the referee prior to kickoff of each game. There are no playoffs or finals for this playing division.

Division 4 Player Eligibility – A team’s roster is compiled of: players at least 18 years of age. A team’s roster is compiled of: players at least 18 years of age. Each team may have no more than four players who play in a higher division *(unless approved by league administrator). Players over the age of thirty (30) are exempt from rostering eligibility (these players do not count against the divisional player count). This is intended to be a recreational level league.

Division 4 standings

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Division 4 schedule

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As with all coed leagues administered by the Erie Soccer League, there is no slide tackling players with the ball. Additionally, instances of referee abuse and/or violent conduct will be disciplined harshly.

For the Spring 2019 season, the cost is $280 per team for field rental for the six game season. An additional and separate $15 should be paid to our league’s certified referee assignor. The referee is due $12 per team per game (payable in cash) prior to kickoff of your team’s match.

League refund policy.

Click here for the complete rules of competition for the Wednesday coed league.

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