Men’s 11v11 Premier Soccer League

The Men’s Premier Division is our “flagship division” of the Erie Soccer League. We play 90 minute games using IFAB Rules and a three referee system. This competitive soccer league primarily plays on Sundays.

Season 1 – Summer 2018

We are still accepting applications for new teams and free agents via the registration queue below.

Erie Soccer League Men’s Premier Division Standings (Season 1)

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Erie Soccer League Men’s Premier Division Schedule (Season 1)

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Season 2 – Summer 2017

Coming soon…

Men’s 11 v 11 Premier Soccer League Division Rules Summary

  • 3 referee system (all referees possess current USSF license).
  • Slide tackling is permitted.
  • All players must be registered with the US Adult Soccer Association (USASA) via the PAWest Adult Division prior to taking the field. Players can register as per league rules.
  • Shin guards are required for all participants.
  • Same color jerseys are required. Jersey numbers and matching socks are strongly suggested.
  • Games are primarily played on Sunday (1pm-8pm). We do also have options for play during the week.
  • 90 minute games (5 minutes for halftime).
  • Each team will pay the center referee $70 prior to kickoff (during or before the coin toss)
  • Substitutions are unlimited. Players may reenter the game after they have been subbed off.
  • Complete set of league rules can be found here.

Full Details for the 2018 Summer Season


The summer season proper will be divided into two halves (season 1 & season 2).

Season 1 will consist of five matches. Each team will play one another once during the first four match weeks. Week five will consist of a 1v2 and 3v4 matchup. At the end of the fifth match week, the table will determine the season 1 champion.

Season 2 will consist of at least five matches. Each team will play one another once during the first match weeks. In the event extra matches are required to reach a total of ten league matches (from the combined match count of season 1 matches plus season 2 matches), additional matches will be added to accommodate the minimum required match count. Once the season has ended, the table will determine the season 2 champion.

League Championship – The league champion is determined by a match between the season 1 champion and season 2 champion. The two season champions will play a final (time and date TBD) to determine the overall 2018 league champion and Al Harbi Cup winner and as such, the 2019 entry into the Keystone Cup.

Roster – Maximum of 22 players, of which only 18 may suit for any given match. Any players over 16 years of age but under 18 years of age must have a parent release form signed. Additionally, the registration info and release must be submitted no less than 1 week prior to first appearance, as the permission of PAWest must be obtained.

Free Agent Pool – Teams are permitted to call on players from the free agent pool created and maintained by the league. These players, when called upon, may play for your team when they are needed. A free agent may only appear for 1 team per game week. However, they are free to play for multiple teams throughout the playing season. A team must utilize free agents before attempting to cancel or reschedule a game.

Reschedule policy – Teams must provide 72 hours’ notice if they need to reschedule a match. Failure to provide 72 hours’ notice will result in a $150 cash fine payable to the referees fund. The result will go into the books as 3-nil. Should the teams involved in the forfeit wish to make up the match, they can do so at their own cost (with league approval) – at such time, the 3-nil result will be replaced by the make-up result. Failure to pay the $150 fine by the next game week will result in additional forfeits in the record books.

Prizes – 2018 Al-Harbi Trophy, Erie’s entry to the Keystone Cup for overall league champion.


Field rental cost for the first half of the season is $175 per team – due prior to kickoff on week 2. We will gladly accept payment in full prior to week 1. If paying by check, make payable to Erie Soccer League. Additionally, a $25 check/cash – payable to Steve Petrungaro is due by week 2. Steve is the certified referee assignor to the Erie Soccer League.

Referee fees – Each team must pay the referee (in cash) $70 prior to kickoff.

Player Registration cost – $25 per player. If paying by check, make payable to PA West Adult Division. This covers USASA player registration & player card, player liability insurance, as well as league liability insurance. Photo ID/proof of age also required with registration. Completion of the registration process is required no later than 30 minutes before kickoff. All players must have a valid player pass. There is no exceptions to this rule. Registration is valid for all USASA sanctioned events from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. Players who have paid this registration fee in another USASA sanctioned league do not have to pay the fee again (subject to verification).

Additional Notes

The Erie Soccer League will no longer provide match balls. Each team should bring with them at least one properly inflated match quality soccer ball to use in the match.

You can register for the upcoming Men’s league below:

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