Men’s Premier Division

The Erie Soccer League’s Men’s Premier Division is the top level of men’s indoor soccer played in the Erie Area. Our Men’s League features 9v9 play (with offsides) and plays mostly on Sunday evenings at the Family First Sports Park Sports Dome.

Men’s Premier Division – 2019 9v9 Indoor Soccer League Table

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Schedule & Results

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Please contact me ( if there are any scheduling issues. I will do my best to adjust the schedule to accommodate needs.

This adult soccer league plays on Sundays. Each team must pay a $360 team fee to cover field cost for the 6 games + an additional $30 payable to Steve Petrungaro, the league’s certified referee assignor. Each team is responsible for paying the referee $41 prior to kickoff.

$360 payment required before kickoff on match week 3. Team balance should be paid in full by match week 3 or a $25 late charge will be passed along to the team.

Division Specific Rules

  • All games are played at the Family First Sports Dome (unless indicated otherwise).
  • 9v9 format (8 players + goalkeeper. Field of play is 70×50 yards. (the whole of the pitch in the Sports Dome).
  • USSF Rules with offsides. Three referee system.
  • All matches consist of two 26 minute halves with three minutes for halftime.
  • Slide tackling player with the ball is permitted.
  • Substitutions are conducted on the fly, however, field player must be off the field before oncoming player can enter the field of play.
  • If the ball hits the structure while “in bounds” (including any neeting), a drop ball is awarded as determined by the referee.
  • Roster additions/modifications after week two must be approved in advance to kickoff by the league staff. Rosters are technically “frozen” after completion of match week 2. Roster modifications for a playoff game will not be approved. A team may not have more than 15 players total on their season roster (note: this rule does not apply to “age based” teams such as a youth club team “playing up” and the 15 max roster rule is also waved for entire teams traveling from outside Erie County traveling to play in our league. All players who suit and play must be on the roster in advance of the game.
  • Due to limited timeframes, rescheduling of games may not be permitted once the schedule is finalized and “approved”. To apply for a schedule adjustment or change, please contact the league staff no later than Wednesday of the game week. Any deviation from the schedule after Wednesday may result in penalty/sanction from the league.
  • 7 yards on free kicks.

2017-2018 9v9 Rules.

Tiebreaker Format

If exactly two teams are tied in the standings:

1. Goal Differential (PSD),
2. Goals scored (PS),
3. Goals conceded,
4. Head to head,
5. Result against highest ranking opponent.
6. Repeat #4 against next highest ranked opponent until tie is broken.

If three or more teams are tied in the standings:

1. Goal Differential (PSD)
2. Goals Scored (PS)
3. Goals conceded
4. Aggregate score amongst all tied teams (in the standings)
5. Result against highest ranking “non-tied” team.
6. Repeat until tie is broken. If one of the steps resolves down to two teams left tied, the 2 team tiebreaker will be used to resolve the tie in standings for the remaining two teams.

You can register for an upcoming Sunday men’s league below:

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