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Winter Coed Premier / Open 9v9 Division Standings

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Winter Coed Premier / Open 9v9 Division Schedule

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Coed 9v9 Soccer League Details

This league will serve as a “warmup” for our Coed 11v11 outdoor league.

The 9v9 Coed Open League primarily plays on Monday nights and each team “may” have games on Sunday and/or Wednesday in addition to the “normal” Monday games.

The game plays utilizing the whole of the Family First Sports Dome Pitch (70×50 yards) with offsides, no slidetackling player with the ball. All USSF rules apply (with the exception of no slidetackling player with the ball). In the rare event that the ball hits the Sports Dome Structure while “in play”, a drop ball is awarded. Proper Shin Pads are required for all players.

Technically speaking, this is an “outdoor” league played with outdoor rules on a shorter field.

In the coed 9v9 format, the “normal” breakdown for field players is three (3) female, five (5) male players and a “gender neutral” goalkeeper. Teams may start with a total of seven players. However, theremay be no more than five male field players on the pitch (excluding the goalkeeper) at any time.

The cost of this league is $440 per team + $35 per game/team for referees fees for a 6 game season. Playoffs will be offered for teams that qualify (top 2 teams will play a “Final”). A Erie Soccer League Trophy and $100 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card will be awarded to the team winning the “Final”.

All players must possess or obtain registration with the PAWest Adult Division. The cost of doing so is $25 annually. In order to do so, simply bring your ID to your first game and $25 and our league registrar will process your player registration. All players in this division must be 18 years of age prior to 1 March 2015. There is no exception to this rule.

To help kick off this division, the Erie Soccer League has agreed to “rebate” up to three female player registration fees.In order to qualify for a rebate, the female player must be new to the Erie Soccer League and not currently registered with the PAWest Adult Division. The entire $440 team fee must be paid by the team’s second game, and the team must play with at least three female players for every game of the season. At the team’s final game of the season, the Erie Soccer League will issue a “rebate” to the first three female players rostered on the team. This rebate is made possible thanks to one of our division sponsors.