Coed Division 2

Sports league management software powered by LeagueApps.

Sports league management software powered by LeagueApps.

Division Specific Rules

  • All games are played at the Family First Sports Dome (unless indicated otherwise).
  • 7v7 format (6 players + goalkeeper – at least two female field players must be in play at all times. Field of play is 50×35 yards. (half of the pitch in the Sports Dome).
  • USSF Rules – no offsides. One referee system.
  • Slide tackling is not allowed.
  • Substitutions are conducted on the fly, however, field player must be off the field before oncoming player can enter the field of play.
  • If the ball hits the structure (including any neeting), a throw-in is awarded.
  • All players must register / be registered with the PA West Adult Division (on-site registration available).

This adult soccer league plays on Wednesdays. Each team must pay a $220 team fee to cover field cost for the 6 game playing season. Each team is additionally responsible for paying the referee $20 prior to kickoff.

Coed Division 2 Description

This mixed (coed) division is considered recreational and is ideally an entry level to organized soccer. The ideal player is inexperienced but has at least a basic understanding of the game. Players who are more skilled in nature that have the mentality of using team play to help elevate the play of others are also welcome in this division. Additionally, players who prefer more of the recreational aspect of the game are a great fit for this league. Like the Coed Division 1 League, this league plays with 4 male & 2 female field players plus a goalkeeper. This league plays on Wednesday evenings at the Family First Sports Dome.

In short, have fun play as a team and elevate the play of the entire team you are on.