Card and Suspension Report

The Erie Soccer League takes the game of soccer seriously. we want to provide a safe, fun, yet competitive environment at all our matches. We believe that there should be a mutual level of respect between players, teams, spectators, and officials.

As an organization, we are committed to taking the adult game to the next level in this area. We are committed to identifying opportunities where we as a group can grow and/or better ourselves. An example of such is that all referees have the proper certification and are getting access to proper and appropriate education in addition to getting game experience to apply their education into the real-world game of adult soccer. This is a continuous process.

As players, teammates, opponents, and spectators, we must strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is appropriate for the game and the league. We should respect our fellow players and teammates, as we’re all sharing in the game that we love. We all deserve better than what we’ve had for the past several years in this area in the Erie, PA Adult Soccer World. Knowing that, each and every player in this league – striving for and deserving “better” automatically deserves respect. Every match official and referee – regardless of whether they get the play “right” or “wrong” in your eyes deserves your respect. They are doing the best they can to keep the game safe, so respect them and respect the game. Also keep in mind, only the team captain and coach should address the referee during play.

Without your fellow players and our officials, we have… well, we have what we’ve had for the past several years in this area and quite frankly, that is not nearly good enough. So please, when you come to an Erie Soccer League match – whether as a player, spectator, or match official – respect one another. Respect the facility, respect the play, respect the vision, respect the game, respect the vision, and respect yourself.

With that in mind, the Erie Soccer League staff will not hesitate to take action on those who do not adhere to what we deem as acceptable and appropriate behavior. For in-game situations, the ESL Disciplinary Board meets to address situations that arise. Our disciplinary board may meet to go over a referee report, a captain’s report, identify situations that need to improve by way of additional training, to address player feedback, and we meet to make rulings on red cards.

Red Cards & How the Process Works

When a player is sent off, his/her name appears in the referee report and his player card is placed under suspension. The player must leave the playing area. He may be permitted to sit in the stands, providing he is not causing a disruption (in the opinion of the referee and/field marshal). Should the player be considered disruptive, he will be asked (once) to leave. Failure to leave after being asked to leave by an Erie Soccer League staff member can result in additional sanctions, fines, or a telephone call being placed to assist the staff in ensuring that the ejected player complies with the request to leave the grounds.

When the official referee report is filed, the team captain will be notified of the official charge against the player (via the “suspension list”). The team captain and the player will have 72 hours from the completion of the game to respond to the charges and/or ask for an appeal. An appeal is only valid if it shows that a law of the game was misapplied to the player on the red card offense. Any appeal and/or response must be submitted via email to and cc’d to If an appeal is received in the proper timeline, the disciplinary board will convene to hear the appeal and render a decision.

A disciplinary committee will only be formed for the purposes of hearing appeals, for violent conduct charges, or charges regarding referee abuse (read: charges involving fines).

The decision of the disciplinary board will be communicated via email or text message to the team captain. The decision of the disciplinary committee is final and binding. Should you wish to appeal the committee’s ruling, you may do so in writing to the PAWest Adult President along with a non-refundable $150 fee (payable to PAWest Adult).

All fines issued will go into the league prize fund. (Added 21 July 2016 – not a policy change but a policy clarification) All fines must be “approved” or endorsed by the league disciplinary committee. (End 21 July 2016 addition).

Pending Actions

Current Suspension & Discipline List

1. “CP” – Buffalo Wild Wings – 17 July 2016 – Charged with “violent conduct”. Per league rules, “PLAYER SHALL BE SHOWN THE RED CARD AND EJECTED FROM AN ADULT ASSOCIATION MATCH FOR VIOLENT CONDUCT OR SPITTING AGAINST ANOTHER PLAYER, TEAM OFFICIAL OR ANY OTHER PERSON AT THE MATCH AND SHALL BE SUSPENDED FOR FOUR (4) SUBSEQUENT GAMES AND FINED $100.00”. 21 July league discipline board confirmed this sentence unanimously. Player served his first of four match ban on 24 July, his second on 31 July, third on 7 August, and fourth on 14 August. Player is eligible to return upon remission of $100 fine to the league.

2. “RM” – Real Madrid – 12 July 2015 & 14 August 2016 – charged with using “Offensive, insulting, or abusive language towards the referee”. Charged with violent conduct, as well as referee abuse. Player’s status to be reviewed upon request for registration.

3. “AY” – 9 July 2015 – charged with referee abuse, attempted assault. Player’s status to be reviewed upon request for registration.

4. “AJ” – charged with violent conduct (x1), referee abuse (x2). Player’s status to be reviewed upon request for registration.

5. “AH” – charged with referee abuse. Player’s status to be reviewed upon request for registration.

Served Suspension & Discipline List